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We've started The Reading Corner with a mission – the mission to show kids how fun books are. And we’ve succeeded. With over 200 videos in our catalogue and lots of viewers world wide, we can say that children know how fun a book can be. Especially if you combine the book with music and illustrations. We offer the kids a moment of relaxation in their already hectic lives. At the same time, parents get peace & quiet, because they know their children are watching a fun, but also educational video in a save environment.


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Interested in our videos? Our videos can be watched via the following partners.

  • ComCast's Xfinity

All videos of The Reading Corner can be watched on Comcast’s platform Xfinity. With Xfinity, Comcast delivers the best in TV, Internet, voice, mobile, and home management, all working together to give customers instant access to the things that matter most – anywhere, anytime.



The extensive catalog of The Reading Corner is based on partnerships with publishers worldwide. Please find an overview below.

Clavis is a Flemish publisher of children's books. Clavis publishes around 200 titles a year and offers a big range in subjects. Clavis beliefs in the power of books to shape the future of children. Their motto is ‘we make children's’ dreams come true’. Clavis publishes books in both English and Spanish and both languages can be found on The Reading Corner.

Edebé is a publisher of children's books in both Spanish and Catalan. They are located in Spain, but they also have publishing houses in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. They are devoted to publishing excellent children's literature and do so with more than a hundred years of experience.

Familius is a publisher that believes in strengthening families through the written word, they publish books that make families happy! The books they publish are centered around values like compassion, forgiveness, hard work, love, respect and many more. The Reading Corner offers their publications in both English and Spanish. 

The Fiep Westendorp foundation manages the work of famous Dutch illustrator and author Fiep Westendorp. The goals of the foundation are to help children who are struggling, to artistically and culturally inspire children, to support young illustrators and to promote research and education about the profession of illustrator. The Reading Corner offers English titles from Fiep Westendorp.

Flashlight Press is a small publisher that focusses on publishing beautifully illustrated children's books. Their publications explore and illuminate the touching and humorous moments of family situations and social interactions through captivating writing and outstanding illustrations. The Reading Corner offers their English and Spanish titles.

Quirk Books is a publishing house looking to break new ground and succeeding in doing so! Their books are bold, unprecedented and beautifully designed. Quirk Books publishes about 25 titles every year and the Reading Corner offers their titles in English.

Rubinstein is a Dutch publisher of children's books that was founded in 1985. With their publications, they aim to tell stories that stimulate the mind and make the world a bit more beautiful. They're passionate about spreading their passion and love for books and also publish audiobooks and film and theater productions. Their English titles can be found on The Reading Corner.

Wacky Bee is a very small company but that doesn’t mean that our ideas are small. Far from it! We have big ideas for our books. And because we’re small and independent, it means that we can put those big ideas into action in exactly the way that we want… and have a lot of fun while we’re at it.

Red Robin Books is a publishing house for children aged 0 to 12. They publish books that are written by great storytellers and illustrated by fabulous artists from around the world. They feature strong storylines, memorable characters and enchanting language. They look for stories that are full of wit and humor, carry a message but above all can be read for pleasure.

Gold Quill Publishing is specialized in creating high-quality children's books and animations. They distribute and co-produce worldwide in many languages.


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