Our Partners

The extensive catalog of The Reading Corner is based on partnerships with publishers worldwide. Please find an overview below. 

Comcast’s Xfinity

All videos of The Reading Corner can be watched on Comcast’s platform Xfinity. With Xfinity, Comcast delivers the best in TV, Internet, voice, mobile, and home management, all working together to give customers instant access to the things that matter most – anywhere, anytime.


Clavis is a Flemish publisher of children’s books. Clavis publishes around 200 titles a year and offers a big range in subjects. Clavis beliefs in the power of books to shape the future of children. Their motto is ‘we make children’s’ dreams come true’. Clavis publishes books in both English and Spanish and both languages can be found on The Reading Corner.

Flashlight Press

Flashlight Press is a small publisher that focusses on publishing beautifully illustrated children's books. Their publications explore and illuminate the touching and humorous moments of family situations and social interactions through captivating writing and outstanding illustrations. The Reading Corner offers their English and Spanish titles.

Quirk Books

Quirk Books is a publishing house looking to break new ground and succeeding in doing so! Their books are bold, unprecedented and beautifully designed. Quirk Books publishes about 25 titles every year and the Reading Corner offers their titles in English.


Edebé is a publisher of children's books in both Spanish and Catalan. They are located in Spain, but they also have publishing houses in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. They are devoted to publishing excellent children's literature and do so with more than a hundred years of experience.


Familius is a publisher that believes in strengthening families through the written word, they publish books that make families happy! The books they publish are centered around values like compassion, forgiveness, hard work, love, respect and many more. The Reading Corner offers their publications in both English and Spanish.


Rubinstein is a Dutch publisher of children's books that was founded in 1985. With their publications, they aim to tell stories that stimulate the mind and make the world a bit more beautiful. They're passionate about spreading their passion and love for books and also publish audiobooks and film and theater productions. Their English titles can be found on The Reading Corner.

Wacky Bee Books

Wacky Bee is a very small company but that doesn’t mean that our ideas are small. Far from it! We have big ideas for our books. And because we’re small and independent, it means that we can put those big ideas into action in exactly the way that we want… and have a lot of fun while we’re at it.

Fiep Westendorp Foundation

At her death, on 3 February 2003, Fiep Westendorp transferred the intellectual property rights of her entire oeuvre to a foundation: the Fiep Westendorp Foundation (FWF). Its core mission is to bring joy to the lives of children, especially those who could use little more of it. In this way it fulfils a heartfelt wish of Fiep Westendorp. It pursues its mission primarily by making use of Fiep’s illustrations.

The FWF also supports other projects and initiatives designed to develop artistic sensitivity in children, and has established a Fiep Westendorp grant for promising young illustrators.

Red Robin Books

Red Robin Books is a publishing house for children aged 0 to 12. They publish books that are written by great storytellers and illustrated by fabulous artists from around the world. They feature strong storylines, memorable characters and enchanting language. They look for stories that are full of wit and humor, carry a message but above all can be read for pleasure.

Gold Quill Publishing

Gold Quill Publishing is specialized in creating high-quality children's books and animations. They distribute and co-produce worldwide in many languages.


Chouette offers books that help children develop their own unique personality while learning to grow in harmony with the world around them. Their passion for books and children is stronger than ever, and their goal remains the same: to instill a love of reading in children while giving them tools to grow in harmony with the world around them. Chouette is the creator of the internationally beloved Caillou. More than fifteen million Caillou books have been sold worldwide. The Reading Corner offers both story times videos from Caillou as well as stories from Chouette's new imprint CrackBoom! Books.


ABDO has been a leader in children’s educational publishing for libraries and schools since 1985, providing high quality nonfiction and fiction titles for children and young adults in grades PreK–12. ABDO titles are available in reinforced library bindings as well as digital products, including multi-use hosted, and offline eBooks, Read-to-Me eBooks, and Databases. Company divisions include Abdo Publishing, Magic Wagon, Spotlight, Abdo Kids, and Abdo Digital. EPIC Press is ABDO’s companion company, focusing on young adult fiction.

Bearport Publishing

Bearport Publishing believes that books with good writing and amazing photos are irresistible to kids. They provide kids with books they want to read. This is one of the surest ways to foster reading achievement. These two principles guide the development of all their curriculum-aligned books for children in grades PreK-8.

Free Spirit

Whether at home, in school, or out in the world, all kids face challenges. No matter the choices, changes, and opportunities young people encounter, Free Spirit has had the same mission for nearly 40 years: to provide children and teens—and the adults who care for and about them—with the tools they need to think for themselves, overcome challenges, and make a difference in the world.

Today more than ever, young people need social and emotional guidance. We aim to meet all kids—babies, teens, and everyone in between—where they are (not where we wish they were) and to support them in developing their talents, building resiliency, and fostering a positive outlook on life so they can reach their full potential.


Founded in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jump! publishes children’s nonfiction with a focus on curriculum-aligned subjects for emergent through early-fluent readers. Their books combine vibrant colors with captivating photography and corresponding text to draw kids into the subject and encourage reading success.


Kidsbooks Publishing is dedicated to creating books, in a variety of formats, that will educate, entertain, and delight children of all ages. Their mission is to foster a lifelong love of reading and learning. Each product is designed to support parent-and-child interactions and building memories that last a lifetime.

Book Island

Book Island is a small, independent picture book publishing house based in Bristol. For the past eight years the company has been known for its range of beautifully-illustrated and thought-provoking picture books from around the world. Having identified a gap for picture books in English translation, founder Greet Pauwelijn decided to launch Book Island in 2012.

The publisher kept building the Book Island list by handpicking award-winning picture books from around the world and having them translated into English by professional literary translators. Book Island has now published more than twenty-five titles from around the world.