The Reading Corner inspires parents to purchase or borrow books

Qualitative research conducted by the University of Leiden shows that watching The Reading Corner’s story time videos has a calming effect on young children. A group of researchers from the Institute for Pedagogic Studies found that every one out of three parents, after watching the story time video, buys or borrows the physical book. Over the last two weeks, The Reading Corner has seen an incredible increase in new users. Almost 50.000 new families signed up for the temporary free membership.

The independent survey mapped the behavioral patterns of the young viewers as well as the experience of the parents and carers. Over 90% of the children enjoy watching The Reading Corner. They visit once to twice a week, about 5 to 20 minutes at a time, usually late afternoon or early evening, most often during cooking, before bed, when they don’t feel like playing or when they’re traveling. 

Parents are satisfied about the content offered. They think The Reading Corner is a positive contribution to the development of their child. They also notice the calming effect and are excited about the combination of illustrations and classical music. They view The Reading Corner as an educational, safe and ad-free alternative to other online platforms aimed at children.

See the survey results here.