• What is The Reading Corner?

    The Reading Corner is an online platform for children aged 0-10. Every week, new story time videos are posted online. The videos bring the stories from the books to life with the help of illustrations and music. The Reading Corners mission is to increase and broaden the reading pleasure for all children aged 0-10 years by allowing everyone to enjoy reading stories.

  • What does a subscription cost?

    For € 4.95 per month, you will get access to the online platform and thus to all story time videos. The first month is free.

    The Reading Corner also offers School subscriptions and other business subscriptions. Please contact anouk@thereadingcorner.tv for more information.

  • How do I change my details?

    After you have logged in, you can click on "Account" at the top right. You can change your password and email address here.

  • When do I have to pay?

    That depends on the chosen subscription. With the unlimited subscription, the amount is debited from your account monthly or you pay monthly with credit card.

  • What do I get for my subscription?

    You get unlimited access to all our story time videos. In total, there are now more than 600 videos you can watch. And great news: The Reading Corner posts new story time videos every week in every age category. It’s a save and commercial-free environment.

    In addition, you regularly receive reading tips from our experts. Which book can you use for which theme? What are the best new books? But also tips for reading!

  • How can I subscribe to The Reading Corner?

    If you want to subscribe to The Reading Corner, click on "sign up" at the top right and then choose the desired subscription. You can also click on this link.

    With subscribing to our service you automatically agree to our conditions. Your subscription is therefore personal, non-transferable and not intended for commercial use.